Additional Information

What if I need to miss a day?

As soon as you know your child will miss a day please login to your iClassPro parent portal to mark your child absent.  Excused absences that are notified at least 24 hours in advance will be granted a make up token.  Parents are responsible for looking on the parent portal to schedule their make up class.  Each swimmer is allowed 1 make up token per “season” and must be used within 6 months.  Tokens will automatically expire 6 months after their issue date. 

What should I bring to swim lessons?

Swimsuit and towel.  Some swimmers like to wear flip flops on the deck.

Goggles are great for swimming laps, but it is not an ideal piece of equipment while beginning to learn to swim.  The instructors at Water You Wading For will introduce goggles once swimmers are comfortable getting their faces and eyes wet.  The instructor will let you know when your child is ready for goggles.  Instructors will occasionally introduce goggles during lessons.

During summer at our outdoor pool- please put sunblock on your child at least ½ hour before entering the water to help the lotion set in.

All swimmers 3 years and under must be double swim diapered with one reusable and one disposable swim diaper.  The brand Happy Nappy is a 2 in 1 option that we recommend.

Are your instructors trained?

Yes.  All instructors are lifeguard, CPR and first aid certified through American Red Cross.

All instructors do a minimum of 40 hours in water training before getting their own classes.

On staff are 4 Certified Pool Operators to ensure the absolute best water quality.

Continued staff development and training year-round, which includes certifications from our affiliating bodies, such as the United States Swim School Association; like our Infant/ Toddler, Special Abilities and Swim Instructor certifications. 

What if my child cries or is scared?

For some children, a swim lesson could be their first instructional experience without mom or dad.  It is normal to have some nerves before the first lesson.  But, having positive talks with your child about what to expect and staying away from negative words may help your child transition into the lesson more smoothly.  Positive prep chats with your child may help.  Instructors will not do anything your child is not ready for, so we may take the first lesson sitting on side with feet in the water.  A suggestion for parents is to “disappear or become invisible”.  Children tend to stop crying quicker when parents are “reading a magazine” or “going to the bathroom.” We have loads of experience with children with all types of needs and are comfortable proceeding with the lesson as you see fit. 

How can I help my child succeed in swimming lessons?

The more you practice with your child, the better they will progress.  If your child is a beginner swimmer, practice getting their faces wet (before shampoo of course) in the bathtub.  This means no more shielding the eyes with towels.  Have your child blink instead of using hands to wipe eyes.  Hands are needed to move through the water while swimming and for reaching for the wall (“safety”). When children come up for a breathe and start wiping eyes, it also makes them sink in the water.  Your swim instructor will be able to give you more tips on what to work with at home to help your swimmer out.

Where are your locations and can you teach lessons at my pool?

Year- round, Water You Wading For holds swim lessons at the Double Tree – Alsip: an indoor, heated one lane pool.  The address is 5000 West 127th Street, Alsip, IL.  The pool is kept at a minimum of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  The pool is small and helps children become comfortable learning to swim.

During the summer, both our indoor and outdoor location at the Evergreen Park Sports Complex at 2700 W. 91st Street in Evergreen Park are utilized.

Home Pools:  If you have a pool in your backyard, belong to a country club or know someone with a pool, you may have a qualified travel swim instructor come to you!  It is convenient and has flexibility.  Contact us for more information regarding an at home swim less